Website Assignment COMP1710

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1.2 Create a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

Create an external (separate) CSS file. Use at least 10 CSS rules that transform the look-and-feel of your website. Make sure your CSS includes comments that would be useful to someone taking over the maintenance of your site, things like the purpose of each rule, exceptions to its use and the choice you made as to which selector you specified.

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If you create more than one CSS make sure they are deployed in a Cascading manner, i.e. there should be at least one default CSS that will be applied to all the pages in your site, with specialised CSS then being applied to specific pages of the web site.

1.3 Build a Site Map

This page should clearly depict the organisation/structure of the web site, possibly using a table or links (or both) or an image map. Make sure you update the site map as you expand your web site in Parts 2 and 3. Note: This Site Map does not refer to a sitemap.xml file instead look to the following link as an example: Site Map - Apple (AU)

1.4 Provide a Source Log

You will need to keep a log. A typical log describes the list of sources you used for your project and the modifications you applied to them. The origin of the source should be given in enough detail to ensure the marker can access the source whenever it is possible (URL, ISBN etc). Make sure you update the source log as you expand your web site in Parts 2 and 3. 

1.5 Provide an opportunity for feedback

Create a page which takes feedback from visitors to your site via a webform. Please ensure your form has at least 5 fields that accept input from the user.

1.6 Separate assignment page from passion pages

The top page of your website is the usual index.html. You will also include an assignment.html file that will be explained to you in the first lab. Use and modify the assignment.html page which lists all the assignment requirements for this assignment, and make sure it provides direct links to your content. E.g. the source log or feedback page may not be relevant to your passion so you can avoid showing it to normal users coming in via the index.html page, but for marking purposes we need to find this content so it should be linked to from your assignment.html page.

The choices you make can be briefly explained in your assignment.html page, but don't write too much there, as we are marking your web pages for your passion and the assignment.html page is mainly to help us find all the components we want to mark.

Website Release 2.0  (10%)

In the second part of your assignment you will add content and possibly enhance your design.

2.1 Provide 2 Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

In your Home page or create a page which displays one primary Call-to-Action in the header and a secondary call to action in the body of your content. Make sure that your primary CTA has some differences to your secondary and that they both provide links to another page on your website.

2.2 Provide a Photo Gallery

Take or select at least 10 relevant photographs. Convert the photographs to *.png format. Use a template or a suitable tool like Galerie to present them with appropriate titles and any comments you wish to make. Your photo gallery should have the same look and feel as the rest of the web site. The easiest way to achieve this is to ensure it uses the same CSS. Or it may be appropriate for you to link to content stored elsewhere on the internet.

2.3 & 2.4 Videos or Javascript

For 2.3 and 2.4, COMP1710 students can choose either to develop a storyboard (2.3a) and a video (2.4a), or write some javascript to add interactivity (2.3b and 2.4b).  Please note that you WILL NOT get extra marks if you do both so please indicate which components you would like us to assess.

COMP8110 students must write some javascript to add interactivity.  (You might like to create a video for your something original in part 3 of the assignment.

2.3a Develop a Storyboard (for your video)

Create a storyboard for your video as a comic (see the relevant lab). The key thing is to present your plan of how you intend your video (see 3.1) to look after editing.

The comic and the video (see next task) should represent the same story. It should be possible to understand the video by reading the comic, and understand the comic by watching the video.

2.4a Make an edited, inline video

Shoot (or collect) and edit a video and present it on the website. The video (i.e. about your subject, its the same video) should contain at least one title and one transition. It will be inlined within a web page. Use your creativity and originality to do something interesting, useful or just funny.

For video cameras and especially digital still cameras with movie mode, don't forget to use a tripod or video stabilisation. Keep in mind that video cameras are not the only source of video. For example, many modern digital cameras in movie mode will produce video recording which are fine for web delivery. Then there is video capture from a running program, and so on.

Last year almost everyone had access to a video camera or digital still camera with movie mode from family / friends / church / work / etc. If you end up unable to find someone with one, please e-mail me and I will try and help.