SAP Publish a Service Group

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This document describes about publishing a service group to which the service, created by using Service Builder that comply with OData V4, is assigned.

Create Service Group

To publish your service, you must create a service group and assign your service to this group to make it available for consumption.

  1. In Service Builder, go to transaction /iwbep/v4_admin. SAP Backend Service Administration appears.
  2. To create and register a service group, select Register Group.
  3. Enter a new service group name in Service Group field.
  4. Enter a description for this service group in Description field.
  5. Enter a package name in Package field.
  6. Select 

    SAP Publish a Service Group,Continue,第1张

    . A new service group is created.


    You can assign more than one service to a service group.

Assign Service to the Service Group

  1. In the tree view, expand Service Repositories  DEFAULT. Double click Available Services. Available services displays in the mass maintenance view.
  2. SAP Publish a Service Group,第2张
  3. Search for your service in Service ID column.
  4. Select the service and choose Manage Service  Assign to other group. Assign Service to Other Group window appears.
  5. Enter the group name in Additional Group field. Select Enter

Your service is assigned to the new service group you had created.

Publish Service Group

  1. Go to transaction /iwfnd/v4_admin. SAP Gateway Service Administration opens.
  2. Select Publish Service Group. SAP Gateway Service Publishing window appears.
  3. Select Get Service Groups. It lists all unpublished service groups.
  4. Select the group you had created and choose Publish Service Groups.
  5. Select Enter in Publish Service Group.
  6. Now go back to SAP Gateway Service Administration window. You can see your service group listed in tree view.
  7. Double click your service group and in Mass Maintenance View, in System Alias Assignments section select 

    SAP Publish a Service Group,Insert Row,第3张

     Insert Row.
  8. Enter System Alias in System Alias field and select Continue.
  9. In tree view expand Service Groups  Your Service Group  the respective System Alias. Double click Available Services.
  10. Select your service and choose Service Test.
  11. Select Continue in Test a Service via Gateway Client.
  12. It will navigate you to SAP Gateway Client. You can check the meta-data of your published service here.

The service group to which the service was assigned is now available for consumption.