ZCC6302 宽电压3.2V升压60V恒压输出 替代SY7208CABCZCC6302 宽电压(高耐压)输入3.0V~60V 升压恒压芯片

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General Description

    The ZCC6302 is a constant frequency ,mode step-up converter intended for small ,low power applications .The ZCC6302 switches at 1.2MHz and allows the use of tiny ,low cost capacitors and inductors 5mm or less in height. Internal soft-start results in small inrush current and extends battery life.

    The ZCC6302 includes under-voltage lockout ,current limiting ,and thermal overload protection to prevent damage in the event of an output overload .The ZCC6302 is available in a small 6-pin SOT-23 package.


 ·3.0V to 60V Wide Input Voltage

 ·Integrated 250mΩ 60V Power MOSFET

 ·1.2MHz Fixed Switching Frequency

 ·U to 95% Step-up conversion efficiency

 ·1mA Light load model efficiency uo to 80%

 ·Low than 10uA Shutdown current

 ·Low than 0.1mA static current

 ·Built-in Cycle-by-cycle current limiting

 ·Built-in thermal shutdown protection

·Built-in under-voltage protection

·Built-in loop compensation

·Built-in soft start circuit

·Simple external

·Available in a 6-pin SOT-23 package


·Digtial Set-top Box(STB)

·Tablet Personal Computer(Pad)

·LCD Bias Supply

·Battery-Powered Equipment

·Portable Media Player(PMP)

·General Purposes